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Lily: I don't know, but we have plenty of chocolate here. (Ted runs out front door and chases down kid dressed up as Dracula) Ted: Hey, Dracula. This pleases me, because I know there is absolutely no need for a girl to be independent by living alone without a husband unless you want her holes to be used as a real-life enactment of by many strange men.

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BAR Robin: Wait, how can a pumpkin costume be sexy? Ted: So, uh, we're at the bar and I see her mix kahlua... Lily, Marshall, Barney: Because it tastes like an alcoholic Tootsie Roll.

I'm about to call it an early night when out of nowhere appeared this girl in the sexiest pumpkin costume.

(Lily sits down next to Marshall) Marshall: Our costumes?

Probably hanging out with Mike, this guy I've been seeing.

Much has been written at identifying slut tells in women.

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