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7.3.4 Recognize, describe, or extend geometric patterns using tables, graphs, words, or symbols.

7.3.5 Identify, describe, and construct similarity relationships and solve problems involving similarity (including similar triangles) and scale drawings by using proportional reasoning. Estimate to check whether each answer is reasonable.

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AR Ruth Harbin-IVIiles District Math Coordinator — Retired Instructional Resource Center Olathe, KS Kim Hayden Math Teacher Clermont County School District Milford, OH Rhoni Herell Math Teacher Enid Waller Junior High Enid. 7.1.5 Recognize and use the inverse relationship between squaring and finding the square root of a perfect square integer. Indiana The Hoosier state ) 7.1.9 Solve problems involving ratios and proportions. Critical Thinking A car loan totaling $13,456.44 is to be paid off in 36 equal monthly payments. Once the ice reaches a thickness of about 18 m, it begins to flow. Write a Problem Find some supermarket advertisements.

Oklahoma Becky Lowe Math readier Bartlesville Mid-High Bartles\ille, Oklahoma George Maguschak Math Teacher/ Building Chairperson Wilkes- Barre Area Wilkes- Barre, PA Samantha Mc Glennen Math Teacher/Department Coordinator Summit Middle School Fort Wayne, Indiana Diane Mclntire Math Teacher Garfield School Kearny, NJ Kenneth Mclntire Math Jeacher Lincoln School Kearny NJ Tim IVlessal Math Teacher/Math Department Chair Woodside Middle School Fort Wayne, Indiana Vicki Ferryman Petty Math Ieacher Central Middle School Murfreesboro, TN Laronda Raines- Langham Math Teacher North Jefferson Middle School Kimberly, Alabama Rene Rush Math Teacher Colonial Heights Middle School Colonial Heights, VA Jennifer Sawyer Math Teacher Shawboro, NC Shelly Schram Math Teacher East Grand Rapids Middle School East Grand Rapids, Michigan Richard Seavey Math Teacher— Retired Metcalf lunior High Eagan, MN Gail M. Mooney Preparatory School Cleveland, OH Jeffrey Slagel Math Department t^hair South Eastern Middle School Fawn Grove, PA Paul Turney Math Teacher Ladue School District St. 7.1.6 Identify, write, rename, compare - and order rational and common irrational numbers and plot them on a number line. Express one quantity as a ifraction of another, given their ratio, and vice versa. If ice were to accumulate at a rate of 0.0072 m per year, how long would it take to start flowing? 4fc&fc4«&9 Great Smoky gff Scgggigsrgg S Mountains * 1" t' 1111 1 f ■ 11 21 Nat Park t-fctfe**.**-**,**.*.*** **.«*.«. Use the ads to WTite a problem that can be solved by dividing a decimal by a whole number. Challenge Use a calculator to simplify the expression il '.5 3.69) H- 48.25 -=- [1.04 - (0.08 • 2)]. Multiple Choice Which expression is NOT equal to -1.34?

7.2.5 Find the slope of a line from its graph and relate the slope of a line to similar triangles. Extra Practice PRACTICE AND PROBLEM SOLVING See page EPS. Estimate to check whether each answer is reasonable.

7.2.6 Draw the graph of a line given its slope and one point on the line or two points on the line. Transportation Lonnie used 26.75 gallons of gas to drive his truck ; 508.25 miles.

INS Indiana The Hoosier State PROCESS STANDARDS (* denotes NCTM process standards) Problem Solving^ • Build new mathematical knowledge through problem solving.

Cam six oniine

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