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My real relationship with my gf is suffering tremendously. TNothing wrong with a little cybering, if you don't see a moral dilemma in it (such as if you're in a relationship and consider it cheating :/).

I could noy physically sexually perform if my life depended on it. But, you did mention that your normal life is suffering, and that is what makes it a problem or addiction. Every time you feel like seeking out cyber sex, think about something sweet to do for your gf.

but you're not alone man, so don't for a minute feel like you'd be i know exactly what you mean, and i still have to admit i do it on occasion, even though I'm not really into it.

What helped me realize that I don't need it, is that I'm more than that you know? You deserve more than just cyber sex, and don't forget it.

But listen, recently I've discovered the art of video chatting with people I don't know and doing various things with them.

Camming cyber sex web

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