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But times have changed, hopefully teachers are much wiser and its time all student-beaters should grow up. This is the issue common in all Schools, and NO ONE even realizes that it is not a right thing to do.

We use to have the same treatment in a very reputed School in Clifton and Muslimabad Karachi. Peter's High School with Sir Simon Dilemma (may God have his sole rest in Peace), who use to always wield a cane. But today realize that this is not the right approach.

The whole plant is collected, excluding the root, and it is dried and ground.

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This teacher was released only after he asked to be forgiven and losing the job. There were few teachers and monitors famous punishing students like this. My wife gets occasionally severe headache due to the unnecessary banging of her head with another student by their teacher when she was in 4th grade.

This male teacher enjoying doing so to impress female teachers.

Another macho teacher did not like the science answer in class IX or Class X back than, asked the student to come to front of class room and slapped the student with full force on side of the face.

Poor student suffered some kind of hearing hearing loss or pain for a long long time. All secondary school students brought back to their class room and heat master personally awarded a beating on each student's hand going to all the class rooms.

His eight year old school going son asked his father why the goat is making so much noise.

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