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As mentioned above, this is pretty straightforward. That doesn’t necessarily mean every single day, but it should be prevalent. Verse 4 tells us the husband’s body is under the authority of his wife, and the wife’s under her husband, and, as verse 5 says, the two should not deprive one another.

There is an exception to this command, but one that is heavily qualified.

Just to be safe, if you are going back in time, print it out and put it in your vest pocket.

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I’m dating a very good Christian guy who is in a different country from where I am now.

While waiting to get married in a few years time, we still need maintain our intimacy and so he suggested that we have sex on the phone.

I really see the need to be intimate since he is no ordinary male friend.

I’ve been praying about this suggestion and I was wondering if it’s a sin? He thinks it only becomes a sin when we have physical contact. If it’s a sin, what do you suggest we do to keep our relationship intimate while waiting?

He is making a self-fulfilling demand — something Paul has eliminated in 1 Corinthians 7:4. One application of this text more sex for some couples, but the text is betrayed when it becomes the basis for berating our spouse for sex.

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