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by  |  25-May-2014 23:29

B)---------------------------------------------25/03/16 - Okay, for real I will come back and edit this, after I eat a steak. I did a group show for the first time today which was fun, thanks a bunch for even asking for that. Today I spent most of my time, while here, in a group chat thing.

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I don't have a price list in my Bio and I don't run any targets, app bots or goals; I just come here and do my thing ;) So, showing your appreciation off your own back - wow, thank you very much : D You definitely add to the feel of whats going on in here and encourage me to be, well, sexy I guess and to 'keep it up' ha-ha.... Hey, you know, It's interesting to see the different groups of people I see, when I come on here at different times.

Some of you are becoming like part of the team, I see you all the time or at least you see me, ha!

For most of you, it was still Valentines Day so happy V day, I hope you liked the CK's. I don't know what happened there, after the first show I stuck around for a chat, checking out peoples cams a bit, before logging off...

I guess that must have set me off, because five minutes later I was back on here for round two, ha ha, What the hell, eh?

---------------------------------------------29/02/16 - Good vibe again today! Thanks everyone for joining in; I like that people are starting to chat more and be a little social in the room.

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