Young adults on webcams

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In general the males are slightly larger, and they have subtle shape differences such as flatter, wider heads and wider bills. Back to Top 2017 Pilialoha: “Pee-lee-ah-low-ha” Mahealani: “Ma-heh-ah-lah-nee” Kalama: “Kah-lah-mah” 2016 Nest 1: Lawakua: “Lah-va-koo-ah” Kiwahiwa: “Kee-va-hee-va” Nest 2: Ka`imi: “Kaʻee-mee” (note the glottal stop) Lilinoe: “Lee-lee-no-eh” Haulani: “how-lah-nee” Nest 3: Manawanui: “Ma-na-va-noo-ee” Moana: “Moh-ah-nah” Honua: “Ho-noo-ah” Nest 4: Ikaika: “Ee-Kai-kah” Mokihana: “Moh-kee-hah-nah” Kialoa: “Kee-ah-low-ah” Nest 5: Pilialoha: “Pee-lee-ah-low-ha” Mahealani: “Ma-heh-ah-lah-nee” Back to Top The 2017 nesting season features a female-female pair, but normally it’s very difficult to tell males from females.

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Young adults on webcams

A pair that has nested successfully at least once is very likely to remain together unless one member of the pair dies.

They are about 2.5 feet long with a wingspan of nearly 7 feet. Back to Top Laysan Albatrosses form very long-lasting pair bonds.

Answers to your questions about the Laysan Albatross Cam. Back to Top Both parents participate equally in incubating the egg and feeding the chick.

If you’re looking for the answer to a specific question, type control-F (command-F on a Mac) and start typing in your search terms to quickly find the answer. How can you tell which one is the male and which one is the female? Typically the female lays the egg and then leaves for several weeks to help restore her body condition after producing the egg.

What are the names of the Laysan Albatrosses on the camera? The male takes the first incubation shift, then they trade off after that.

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