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Plus there is literature, condoms, lube, safe sex material. This is a great way to reach out to those men who are questioning, bi, married, closeted whatever. I've never been, but I'm friends with a lot of young cute gay guys who don't go, either.Who don't know where the resources are to get that information. I know of 3 people who told me they go to bathhouses: One was a 30something year old poz dude who bragged about leaving with 8 loads inside his ass The other was a near 60 year old from Grindr who tried to get me to go The third was a 450 lb guy who offered me money to blow me, and after I rejected him later sent me a message saying he got bred by a "daddy" at the bathhouse.

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However I've seen many married/closeted men take advantage of the STI counseling.

Many times it is dead or there is no one to their liking.

But the baths are a much safer environment, because if the situation is too weird or tense, or doesn't seem right you can walk away. They (at least in Toronto) also work in partnership with local public health agencies who provide free, anonymous, onsite STI testing and education/advice.

Much different to do if you are in a strangers house, or in a secluded park."I would rather someone go to a bathhouse then to litter a public park or restroom."r13, does it have to be in this sequence, or can one litter a park/restroom and subsequently head over to the bathhouse? Do each attract a different clientele or are they interchangeable? Yes, the sex that goes on there can be as dirty or as unsafe as the participants want it to be, but isn't that also true of what happens in a person's home? As long as there have been public places men and women have been hooking up with each other in various combination- that is to say, forever R12.

My role as a woman in my community and in my home has always overshadowed the excitement of any part I have ever played on stage or screen.

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