Cartagena colombia dating sites

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Best bet is to head to a second or third-tier city like Manizales or Bucaramanga and settle down…as long as you can live without a strong gringo infrastructure.

If you're interested in retiring in Peru, and don't know how to meet local women, this article is a good place to start.

If you couldn’t get through all that, here’s more or less how I’ve ranked ‘em 1) Colombia2) Peru3) Panama4) Mexico5) Costa Rica Ironically, this reads in reverse of what most expat sites recommend, but again, they’re just personal observations. The best dating site for men over 40 in Latin America - by far - is Latin American Cupid (it works particularly well in Mexico and Colombia).

So, is Mexico the place to hit up if you’re single, retired and want to find a woman? On paper, Mexico looks great for a retired dude: low cost of living, plenty of gringos, good food etc., but for trying to find a woman, it’s not perfect.

There’s still quite a stigma against unmarried and divorced men here. Costa Ricans see expats as cash machines and rarely anything else.

However, you aren’t likely to find too many single Peruvian women over about 19, and the culture here is different enough that some may find it hard to hack.

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