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Sure that might work for little girls but does it work as a plot for adults? Is it fair to judge a kids script as you would an adults?

Normally no but when a kids film comes out from two other films that seemed to have story depth by comparison it fails.

They go through a montage of villain failures (honestly that montage was the most entertaining part of the film and by no coincidence was heavily featured in the trailer) with each one aided and eventually stymied by the Minions incompetence (a point I take issue with. DI: In terms of annoyance and also how much damage done to nerd culture Jar Jar by a landslide.

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Be sure to wish George Lucas a Happy Life Day in December. DI: These days the plot would be the android is a hot research scientist with a cure for a global pandemic.

(South Park image from our newly updated category) DI: Awesom-o wins based on name alone. DC: The 80s…plus you got to see a bunch of other girls naked on the way.

This is truly the challenge of kids animated films and one that is failed quite often.

Unfortunately Minions qualifies as one of those failures.

A quick survey of IMDB revealed that while the Despicable Me’s were written by the apparently very talented team of Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio they hired some other scrub to write this one and it shows. DI: I’d say Jar Jar and Ewoks are equally bad but for different reason.

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