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In the house you can visit his studio and see his Japanese Print collection as well as explore his exquisite house filled with paintings and original furniture.

This is a beautiful and calm place to spend the day, and an essential trip for any art or garden enthusiast.

Roaming the streets provides an opportunity to admire the numerous beautiful signs, the brilliantly colored rooftops, or a relaxing stroll down the quai de la Poissonnerie (banks of the fish merchant shop).

Once the center of fishing, and fish merchants, this picturesque area now bears the title of “Little Venice”.

Among all their delicacies, there are a few classics worth mentioning: foie gras (invented in Strasbourg in 1780), baeckeofe (a dish composed of three marinated meats, with potatoes in white wine), the inevitable sauerkraut, Rhine stew, coq au Riesling, gingerbread, Kougelhopf (sweet dough with raisins macerated in kirsch), and of course Munster cheese.

Along the 170 km (~105 mile) “Route des Vins”, you’ll be invited to explore a region where life is an artform.

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Dating europe de lest

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