Dating italian phrases

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During a date it is sometimes difficult to start a conversation, as it may require more confidence than usual: if you are out on the town together, it means you probably like each other already, but a good chat may help to get to know each other better.

This page contains a table including the following: Italian phrases, expressions and words in Italian, conversation and idioms, Italian greetings, and survival phrases.

You can try to talk to yourself before going out about anything it comes into your head, just as a way of practicing your conversing skills.

Speaking in front of the mirror is a good exercise, too: the more practice you get , the easier it will become.

Remember that the topic of a conversation can change depending on where such conversation happens: at home, in a restaurant or in a bar, but also on a plane or a train. Vivo a Firenze da tre mesi/ da Pasqua = I have been living in Florence for three months/ since Easter. = Have you ever been to the restaurant “ Da Toni” in Trastevere?

Your job, culinary preferences, hobbies, family and travels, are usually safe topics to begin a chat with a new acquaintance, whereas sensitive issues such as religion, politics or current affairs may be a no-no. E' il mio preferito = It's my favourite Fanno il miglior “abbacchio” (lamb) = They make the best “abbacchio” Qual'è il tuo cibo preferito?

= Since I enjoy preparing delicious recipes, can I invite you to have dinner at mine?

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