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resize=480:*" /His Personality Profile: While it'scommon to shift throughoutthe night — most people doit about 35 times — constantmovement indicates yourguy is stressed."Whenyou're under pressure, thebrain releases hormonesthat trigger the fight-or-flightresponse in your sleep,"says Dr. Typically,this subsides, but if he'sgoing through a prolongedperiod of intensity, activitieslike exercise may ease thesymptoms by helping thebody fight stress and relax.

The Sex He Craves: Men deal with stress bywanting either a ton of sexor none at all.

If he's the firsttype, go for a quickie — hewon't be able to relax for amarathon session.

If he's the first type, go for a quickie — he won't be able to relax for a marathon session.

And if he's the latter, don't pressure him to get busy (it'll freak him out more), and offer to give him a massage instead.

"These men are usually focused and goal-oriented," says Patti Wood, author of The Sex He Craves: The facedown sleeper tends to be traditional…and he wants to get the job done.

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