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Knew what you were going to say before you you said it, too. Cancers and Capricorns tend to be into "fixed roles" when it comes to sex.

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Taurus: will take charge, amazing stamina / endurance, conventional in lovemaking approach, very physical, highly sensual, needs/gives large quantities of affection, warm, strong, can be forceful, does not care about cleanliness (least hygienic sign). Actually, sexuality is very important to them, and they expect to get a lot out of it. Loves variety of locale and position, but not so hung up on sex. Doesn't last long and doesn't expect much, other than to have a good time. lol I want to be a virgin on mondays, a whore on tuesdays, and kinky devil on wednesdays, a deep lover on thursdays, and on the weekend? He will get you & him sooo hot , between the two of yall the bed gone be sooo fucking wet & hot itss just gone make you want more & more , I donn know how we ever stopped we was puttinn in some work it was bout 4hours, the best outta this world & ooh matter of fact I WANT HIM NOW ! But speaking as an Aries, I love the idea of being able to blame being a jerk when it comes to relationships on my sign.

Gemini: imaginative, long, delicious sessions of foreplay leading up to fast and furious intercourse (over quickly), fickle, fun, charming, can talk anyone into bed and make them glad for it afterward. The entire experience will be beautiful from set up, environment, to their skill at pleasuring you. Scorpio wishes to possess you, but you might not mind because Scorpio is insanely skilled at sex. But I want full credit for being good in bed.[quote]So all we have to do is adjust for distance and speed of light - and then astrology is good to go. Adjusting for the speed of light does no good when the object in question may have been swallowed by a black hole, exploded or drifted off someplace else as the universe expands.

Cancer: emotional, intuitive, giving, loving, accommodating, intimate and makes you feel close emotionally, passive, eager to please. Leo: likes to be the center of attention, likes to be adored and praised, won't try hard unless Leo feels it has to. We wont know if those events happened because the light from the event has not reached us.

Virgo: fastidious hygiene, interested in the mechanics and rules of good sex rather than the passion - wants to take whatever steps it takes to get you off and follow the same pattern next time, will work hard to give you a good time. Now that I think about I guess speed of light is distance.

I can be a bit lazy & unimaginative though, and only really take charge if I think that's what my partner needs.gemini sun, venus and mars both in gemini. best sex with male tauruses- they slow me down and are the only people who have ever been able to dominate me- for women, a scorpio woman was the hottest sex ever, and she was the only woman who has ever dominated yeah, gemini women are kinky freaks too- i totally get off on sex in random places and trying new tyhings. First two are giving, while Scorpio is a sex god/dess and may or may not be giving, but likes a lot of sex. Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are fiery and passionate. They still like sex, though - just aren't obsessed. My longest relationship has been with a Leo - good man but I felt like he lost interest in sex once he knew I was in. SCORPIO GUYS GIVE IT TO YA, THEY WANT TO PLEASE AND WANT TO DO EVERYTHING. Sure, I can be surprisingly sensual and romantic, but this is more in keeping with my need for variety rather than how I am. I remember one guy (who I never saw again) saying, "Wow, you don't have sex..make love." I also wanted to be cool, so I tuned the affection down a little and practiced being an animal in bed. Affection didn't scare him off, unlike most Aquarians. This kind of hot sexual connection can foster lifelong bonds of love and friendship, but such sexual expression doesn't usually come casually. I'm a leo sun, libra rising, Taurus moon, venus in virgo, and mars in cancer. Virgo/pisces great sex but too needy/insecure in real life. My best sex ever was probably with a Taurus or a libra, sensual and passionate but not into pain or biting or domination. What determines your sign is where stars and constellations are in the sky when you are born.

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