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Rx believes that successful relationships develop from sane dating habits and technique, and that communication, observation, and create are the foundations of a successful relationship. It is not a bunch of memorized lines like most of the other guys, it is based on understanding different personalities and different situations and doing the appropriate thing for the personality and situation.

Rx is a firm champion of monogamy when in a committed relationship and a firm believer in "multiple dating" when not in a committed relationship. This was the absolute best of all of these authors by far. I'm trying to learn how to meet women not how to speak far as meeting women goes this guy has the best data, and that is all that really counts.

I needed a better way of collecting balloons, not a very professional analogy and possible even a bad one, but I am not a professional. Anyone with any history with women know that they are indeed like snowflakes, no two are the same, and that any effective approach to dating and relating with them must be scientifically methodical and individualized. He posits that one should only approach women that are within their area of interest rather than the old approach of being desperate.

We have come a long way since the cave man days and yet we still use primitive approaches when hunting for women. Once approached women have a different thought process and he offers the reader an opportunity to fully understand this process in great detail, e.g. Goes to great lengths to explain that some of his observations and conclusion are not meant as scientific absolutes but rather as predictors to a high degree of probability, e.g.

Rx believes in family values and is the proud father of four children (three girls and a boy.) I've read David Deangelo, Mystery, Tiffany Taylor, Ross Jeffries, and Neil Strauss.

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