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In another, Stevie and Deelishis are looking at each other, and the look in her eyes speaks volumes about how she feels.

To make things even more complicated, a picture of Deelishis and Stevie J’s daughter, Sade, has surfaced.

She also appeared on BET's Hip-Hop vs America among other things.

Remember when we told you that Wiz Khalifa was spotted on Thanksgiving cozying up to big booty banger Deelishis???

As previously reported the Flavor Of Love star turned radio host was spotted at his concert…

Deelishis and Gordon were married in 2009 but she filed for divorce in 2012, after he was indicted on federal drug trafficking charges.

Earlier this year, Deelishis was allegedly attacked by Gordon causing her to jump out of a window for safety.

As a matter of fact, on Wednesday, Deelishis posted a meme on Instagram that said, “I’m single but dating…mostly myself!!!

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