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It’s as much a mental outlook on life as it is about your body.

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Pro Tip: If you’re referring to women as sluts, hoes or other colorful insults because they’re not fucking you, you’re pretty much giving up the right to call yourself a nice guy. If you’re carrying around a lot of anger at being single, then you need to learn to offload it. Fitness is a far better goal than trying to reach an arbitrary number, whether it’s on the scale or pants size.

Strangely enough, women aren’t really extreme, nor is it always as angry or violent. If things were different, you wouldn’t be like this. If being single is causing you to collapse inward like a singularity of self-loathing, then it’s time to learn to cope and break the cycle. Fitness is about your health, and what it does for you, not about your looks.

I fully realize that it can be hard to ask for help. Developing your core strength prevents injuries that plague people as they grow older.

I also realize that sometimes help can be hard to find. The always excellent Captain Awkward has a great post about where you can find low-cost mental health care. There are apps that will connect you with therapists and counselors who can work with you through chats or Skype. Fitness helps keeps the joints and bones strong, the lungs working, the heart pumping.

You can grab a jump rope and follow the same workout routines as world-class boxers.

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