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There were half-dry clothes hanging all around from when my dryer quit.Buddy limped over to see what the man was doing and the repairman said, “What have you got on your paw there, little Buddy?

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On this day, he found a very anatomically correct, um, adult toy. There I was on the sidewalk trying to wrestle this thing away from him and his clenched jaws as he growled and curious onlookers observed in horror—“Drop it!! My husband had a bunch of his friends over for a football game when all the attention was drawn to my two Miniature Pinschers, Tiny and Misty.

They were having a noisy game of tug-of-war when I laughingly looked down and saw they had grabbed my bra out of the laundry basket!

She was so little, but that did not stop her from struggling up onto the sofa and shoving her nose right into my guest’s butt. Of course with the exception of the hostess and offending guest, the entire room was also barking—with laughter.

—Name withheld by request • My little dog, Buddy, a gentle Pomeranian whom I unfortunately lost last month, was in the basement with me while a man was repairing my dryer.

If the gold current market at any time falls, which not often takes place, coins will have much more value for the reason that of the components mentioned higher than: Age, rarity, place of manufacture.

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