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I learned that awareness mattered a lot more to me than race.There are some black men (perhaps for their own sanity) who are as blissfully ignorant about race relations in this country as many white men.

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In 2010, nearly of a quarter of all black men married outside of their race, according to the With these facts in mind, it’s no wonder there’s been a rise in underground communities focused on bringing Asian men and Black women together.

Writer Zach Schwartz was offered the opportunity to explore one of NYC’s biggest AMBW communities after he was introduced to it during a date.“An Asian man can go into there and all these women are talking about how beautiful he is.

The activities during meetups range from going to restaurants and movie night to going on a boat or apple picking.

They typically organize events through private Facebook groups which could have up to tens of thousands of members.

This week, we're publishing some of those responses as part of a conversation about race and relationships.

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