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There’s a kind of comedy to liking things that are considered peculiar, like eating until you hurt, or explaining why you’re so deeply in love with bees.

He says this sort of personality gets lost in newer dating apps, and points to sites like OKCupid or

The survey hits on timely, often controversial topics as well, including swipes on president Donald Trump, the 2016 election, and issues like “All Lives Matter,” “locker room talk,” and “the patriarchy.” Alper was a former finance guy with Goldman Sachs and Nomura Holdings before he quit the business in August 2015 to become a comedy writer. The initial concept for Hater came from a comedy sketch, but Alper became obsessed with the theory that people could better bond over things they hate than things they like.

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He recalls doing his best with clever one-liners “that sounded totally canned and fake, and really told me nothing about that person.” Hater feeds you things to talk about.

Once you’ve matched with someone, you have access to the full list of things they’ve swiped on. ” On a superficial level, the app holds your hand and stops you from opening with a dreaded and dull “hey.” More importantly, it asks some of the awkward questions for you in advance. It’s an answer that could be crucial to your relationship, but prickly to bring up on a first date.

It’s a more thoughtful process that asks you to swipe on ideas that define you, not just someone’s face.

You’re looking at loves and hates, curating your own, messaging with matches.

It’s realistic that one of them will hate how loudly the other chews.

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