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Thou Shall Return Calls in a Timely Manner Always return a potential love interest's call within 48 hours during the week (72 hours over the weekend). I don't care if it's George Clooney calling at the last minute—keep your plans! If he's shy, invite him to a party—but then let him request the true first date from you! You do not want your guy picturing you having sex with someone else.

Be're not living in the movie Swingers where you're supposed to wait X amount of days to call back. If you weren't interested in him, you should have never agreed to go out. Thou Shall Let the Man Take the Lead I know it sounds old-fashioned, but it's embedded in their DNA—men need to feel like the hunter. That also means no baggage dumping, previous health issue talk or discussing any skeletons in your closet. Answer his questions with energy and genuine enthusiasm.

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So, the other days, he can go off and create a secondary income to support your lifestyle. He’s putting gas in your car and fixing the light bulb, its all about compatibility in financial relationships. It is about him not being intimated by your bank account. For example, I recently went on a date with a friend of mine who fixed me up with her brother. We all ordered brunch and he said he wasn’t hungry. What would be your best advice for me to find love? You should know why the relationship ended if you didn’t end it. How do I not bring up business and be more feminine on dates? If they do bring it up, then say, “I am so tired from work, tell me about you.” He can’t get sexually stimulated when you are talking about business – you are not going into feminine zone with him.

When the bill came – he had begged to meet me – he didn’t pay for anyone. Women should pay for groceries, brunch (exclusive) and little things, books, etc. You insist on being masculine; you are alpha and you want to be a more alpha male. When he stays masculine, he’s at work, he’s in the board room.

” and he said, “Nope, I’ve never done it and I wouldn’t even know how.” Based on his tone and the agitation, you can tell he’s never getting married.

Kris: Should you leave a guy after one year if he doesn’t want to get married regardless of your age? Decipher who are the marriage-minded boys from the bad boys. You are tying to find the one that is more on the same vibrational frequency as you. It is not about “The Rules,” it is about finding the right one.

You want a hunter male, not a passive, weak wimp.” Read her other tips below in this exclusive JDate interview. ” That means you are not his top choice and it won’t make you feel good to be second choice.

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