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Others lived in shanties and cabins built from scrap.

However, it has been shown that over time ‘some buildings were quite substantial and since it was estimated that up to a 1,000 people were living on what was now generally referred to as the America Ground — a name applied after the inhabitants had demonstrated their independence from Hastings Corporation by hoisting the American flag, it became almost a township in its own right’.

Because of the depression and an increase in the number of local hotels, the Havelock was changed into the straightforward pub it is today.

On arrival in Hastings he booked into room 17 for three days.

After not appearing the police were called and the door forced.

During the Second World War the passageway was used as a shelter from German bombs on at least one occasion.

“I don't remember how many aircraft there were but they were strung out wing tip to wing tip along the coast.

Unlike today however, the Victorian developers were quite clear in their aims and stipulated that the ‘road is available for trade purposes; but no taverns, public houses or beer shops will be allowed without a special licence from the Crown Lessee’.

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