The shield deluxe 2016 not updating

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(Those prone to witticisms might say he has a "liszzzzp.") Waspinator may be dumb, but he's not stupid.He has caught on to his lot in life and tries to avoid his fate as often as possible... Thankfully, he's almost supernaturally durable and has survived the most devastating and humiliating of defeats.

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He, however, found a renewed drive to eliminate the Maximals, accompanied by enhanced speed.

Mikhail Tihonov (Russian, 2nd dub), Ivo Roberto (Portuguese), Fábio Vilalonga, (Portuguese, in some episodes), Diego Sabre (Italian), Pierre Laurent (French), Roberto Molina (Latin American Spanish, season 1), Carlos Íñigo (Latin American Spanish, last episodes of season 1, season 2 and season 3), Gabriel Gama (Latin American Spanish, last 2 episodes of season 3), José Padilla (Castilian Spanish), Holger Potzern (German) Waspinator, part of Megatron's rogue band of Predacons, landed on an unknown planet with dangerous levels of unstable energon.

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