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Anyone who has experience with programmaticly updating the SPFile Version. I have a special situation where I would like to modify this Hashtable. I've tried several things, I'll just show some easy lines of code which do not work at all: So the above code is not doing anything, I've put a "watch" on version.

Most of you will say: "Why on earth would you ever want to change this programmaticly". Properties["vti_title"] and this watch does change to the new value. I've used Update, System Update, Update Overwrite Version, SPFile. This was required by the customer for a "read/edit area concept".

updating spfile-34

So to fix this, I would like to modify each version serperatly and set the correct version metadata as was visible before the move. (this uses SPExport/SPImport, which I am not allowed to use SPExport/SPImport does not work with RMS enabled libraries) Jasper, I have edited my post and explained it at the bottom of the post (including 2 pictures of an example).

BTW: copying eacht version seperatly does not work because of the RMS.

I got a help request from a client who was running Oracle 64-bit.

Their memory_target parameter was set to 5G, with sga_target and all pool parameters set to 0. However, Oracle would not allocate more than 64MB RAM to the Buffer Cache.

You have most probably seen Microsoft Office document's "properties" window (this one -

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