When hes dating me and his babymoma

by  |  16-Nov-2014 22:34

She wants to make his life miserable to get back at him for any previous hurts he caused her.

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La Lonne seems to be the mystery woman in the picture since she also posted the exact same pic on her IG two weeks earlier: And there's more...

Lay Lay also posted the picture above of what looks like the back of Dream's head (y'all know he loves a hat) as they admired the sun setting on a boat captioning, Also note The Dream 'liked' and commented on her pic as well.

I gave my whole life to all of you through myself and others.

I have sang you to sleep, I have sang at your weddings, I've empowered women through words and through others, on top of that my LOVE for the woman period is infinite, my only fear I carry is my Mother Reva M Nash looking down on me and being a shame of me.

My mind and heart is clear and I will not retreat and I will not Kneel to the face of Injustice .

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