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From the list of changed things: I reached out to Microsoft this morning for anything approaching clarification or guidance about what the update is, or what it fixes. If I had to sling my hook toward a guess, I’d speculate that this is merely the accumulated update bucket that has been dribbled out to users for some time.

The company is going to update Windows 10 on a continuing basis, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t provide a little context.

Microsoft dropped a crop of Windows 10 updates today, some of which you might already have, some of which you might not have. So if you were in the Insider program — how testers used Windows 10 for ages before it was released — then you probably won’t get much that is new.

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I hired two or three others to help me run the jobs.

I slowly began to master the art of cutting and placing stones. I was doing mighty fine for a 17-year-old and had earned enough in a few months to pay for my first year of college.

As it goes, according to the website, teen summer employment has been declining for decades. One reason is that jobs typically tailored for teens are either shrinking or being taken by older folks. It gives them the dignity of exchanging their labor for money that they can use to support their education or maybe buy their first junker car.

Another is that more teens are attending summer school, participating in extracurricular activities and volunteering. But most of all, teens who don't work are missing out on some incredible growth experiences.

It worked to reserve the upgrade but now it's just not working.

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