Wow intimidating shout glyph

by  |  18-Mar-2015 10:20

But it SHOULD NOT break on damage from our dots just like repentance and censure for pallies.

It seems our posts and some other people's, might have come to attention at blizzard, cos atm on live deep wounds falls off our target if we intim shout them so thats great news (just got back dont rage on late discovery) : P hf in mists people Not sure what you folks are seeing but on my rogue/hunter/paladin their sap/scatter/repentance breaks as soon as any damage is taken, even if only 1 point of damage.

Yeah or that , it just needs that dmg cap before it breaks or a glyph that doesnt let maintarget break from it at all or atleast remove the bleeds, its really a problem in clutch switches imo Btw glad to see im not the only one seeing this as a problem Fear breaks on damage.

wow intimidating shout glyph-82

Some skills/talents/glyphs allow some of their spells to remove or ignore Do T damage, so i guess a similar glyph for warriors would be fine.

Guide to Wo W Arms Warrior Pv P talent build and glyphs updated for patch 6.2 and aimed at for level 90 Warriors with focus on arena and battlegrounds.

Glyph of Intimidating Shout should be learned from Minor Inscription Research.

But when I try to do the Research I get the "Nothing left to discover" message.

Although I think he implying if other classes can glyph to avoid their own damage breaking their CCs or whatever, why can't warriors?

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